What is AmeriCard?

A. AmeriCard is a program that you join to save you money and take the confusion and uncertainty out of healthcare all in one easy-to-use card! As an AmeriCard member, you have access to care and support that save you time, money, and frustration. For example:

– 24/7 access to a doctor by phone or online video consult to get a diagnosis, treatment options and prescription if necessary.

– Highly trained registered nurses are on-call 24/7 to answer your questions for non-urgent concerns.

– Personal Health Advocates help you find your way through the insurance and healthcare systems – locate medical professionals (doctors, specialists, hospitals, dentists & pharmacies); research treatments, resolve claims and provide medical explanations so you can make more informed decisions for yourself and you don’t have to struggle with the “system.”

– Experts who know the ins and outs of billing practices will attempt to negotiate discounts on your behalf. Negotiations can lead to a reduction in your personal out-of-pocket costs.

– Access exclusive large group discounts on dental, vision, and prescriptions

– Global Travel Assistance from anywhere in the world more than 100 miles from home. Emergency medical evacuation, replacement of lost/stolen travel documents, family member transportation, transfer of money & translation services – and more!

What are the most common reasons people buy AmeriCard?

A. The most common reason people buy AmeriCard is to save money, time and aggravation. They purchase AmeriCard to obtain the tools to become a true health care consumer. The most common uses of the program are paying less for services and using the support offered by direct access to physicians and the personal health advocate to help guide them through the health care “system.”

Once you pick your health/dental plan for the year your work is not done. Signing up for AmeriCard will help you become an effective consumer so you minimize what you pay throughout the year even with insurance while getting important help and support along the way.

Will this work with my health insurance?

A. Yes!  AmeriCard helps reduce healthcare costs for anyone with insurance or without.

– You can’t always get your primary care physician on the phone in the evening, early morning hours or on the weekend to answer questions, get peace of mind or a much-needed medication. With AmeriCard, you can speak with a physician 24/7 and get a prescription written if needed – with no consult fee.

– Even during regular doctor office hours, use AmeriCard to speak with a physician or nurse and avoid your insurance office visit co-pay costs. If you have a high deductible plan with no copays AmeriCard can help you speak with a doctor without incurring any additional costs yourself. One or two consultations a year can save you more than the annual cost of the full AmeriCard program.

– Even with insurance, you need help navigating “the system”, finding high-quality lower-cost options for care, organizing or negotiating medical bills and travel assistance if emergency medical events happen away from home.

– Even with insurance, more and more prescription drugs are not covered – especially within the Affordable Care Act approved programs.

– Medical plans don’t cover everything. The costs to you, even with insurance, are higher than ever and healthcare today can be very confusing! More than ever, we all can use a health advocacy program. With AmeriCard’s Companion Plan we provide a health advocacy service to help research medical prices before the procedure, find lower costs options from high quality providers, help you with confusing insurance processes, and find quality providers in your community.

– Even with good insurance the very same procedure, in the same insurance network, in the same community can vary in cost as much as 2 to 3-times!  Our health advocacy program provides expert health advocates, personally assigned to you, to help resolve disputed insurance claims, review medical invoices for accuracy and negotiate medical bills on your behalf.

What if I don’t have time for a long telephone conversation with a doctor?

A. No problem! Sometimes it is nice to be able to email a medical professional with a personalized question or concern and communicate with them on your own time/terms. AmeriCard provides 24/7 email access for trustworthy medical advice. Stop endless Web searches to gather conflicting information about important health issues/situations to you or a family member. Email directly to a licensed healthcare professional on your schedule and get personal answers in just a few hours.

If I consult with a physician or nurse through AmeriCard does this affect the relationship with my personal physician?

A. No!  Our services are there for you when your physician or other healthcare providers are not. They do not replace your doctor. You get help until you can get with your doctor.

Will this work with my dental/vision insurance?

A. Yes!

The discounts work for things your insurance doesn’t cover. For instance, you may have great dental and vision insurance, but there are many things you might need throughout the year that aren’t covered (orthodontia, whitening, brand name frames, LASIK, major dental work where the cost goes well beyond your insurance plan maximums (see your insurance plans for a complete list of exclusions and limitations).

How many times can I use the card?

A. As many times as you need! There is no limit to the number of times or how often you use the program. And you can begin using it as soon as your card is in your hands. No waiting!

Do I need a card for every member of my family?

A. No! One AmeriCard includes you, your spouse, and any/all IRS dependents. Additional/replacement cards may be ordered right from our member portal.

One of my children is away at college. Can they use the plan?

A. Yes, if they are an IRS dependent of yours.  They can go online to the member portal once you are active, use your member number, and print a card ready for immediate use.

Does this help me with my HSA or FSA expenses?

A. Yes! With AmeriCard you can avoid spending your HSA or FSA account funds by accessing the Tele health service or emailing a specialist to get medical advice when you might otherwise have to visit the doctors office. Use the available discounts and/or the Medical Bill Saver services to reduce the direct cost to you and help you spend less of your savings account money on needed health care.

How is the cost so low?

A. Much like Costco or Sam’s Club we have large national purchasing agreements. We “buy in bulk” so you can enjoy the discounts and structured services that have already been negotiated on behalf of millions of other members.

How do I know if there are participating providers in my area?

A. If you are looking to save money on dental, vision and/or pharmacy services you can check the networks in your area right on this Web site at our Summary of Benefits – Click Here.

When you want to speak with a physician, nurse or one of the personal advocates there is no network to consider. Once you are enrolled you may access these services right from your card information.

What if the provider won’t take AmeriCard?

A. This is only a potential issue with the dental and/or vision networks. It is important to show the provider the back of your AmeriCard so that they can see the specific dental/vision networks we use. There are direct customer service telephone numbers for each network for the provider to call for clarification. If the confusion continues you may call our customer service toll free number and they will work with the provider directly to clear up any confusion.  Click Here to view an informative video on how the card is best used with providers