Dental Partnership

If you are visiting this page you have been approached about a partnership with AmeriCard Savings. We are excited to introduce you to the AmeriCard Savings Dental Partnership Program.

AmeriCard Savings partners with dentists to combine the discounts you already offer to your cash-paying patients with significant discounts for everyday vision and pharmacy expenses at stores throughout your community.
• You pay nothing for this program
• You receive monthly recurring revenue
• Helps to retain your current clientele
• Helps to attract new patients
• Offer something new to the community from you

Friendly dentist with female patient regular visit at dental surgery

By necessity – over the next few years Americans will start becoming better consumers. Better consumer behavior will lead to patients becoming much more comfortable “shopping” their important/expensive dental care.

We want to help dental offices get ahead of this Consumer Curve by instituting a stabilizing factor – AmeriCard Savings! Stabalizing in the sense that if you have our program in place for your patients, they will be less susceptible to shop around knowing they already have something from their dentist that no-one else is offering.

Here are some of the benefits/services we provide as your partner:

Revenue: AmeriCard Savings is so confident that we will bring a competitively-priced bundle of valuable services coupled with great customer service to your patients that we will pay your organization for each member that joins.

  • 500 members will create $21,000 in annual revenue to your dental office!

Administrative Support: AmeriCard Savings will fully administer this program for you. We will collect the money, manage all adds and deletes, provide your staff with online access to eligibility.


World Class Support and Service:

AmeriCard Savings will provide a turnkey easy-to-understand savings program that includes your dental savings together with powerful vision and pharmacy savings.

        • Complete turnkey program
        • Professional fulfillment packet for each purchase
        • Vision & pharmacy network management
        • Call center support for new members
        • Web-portal for initial sign-up and product information
        • Manage all add’s and delete’s
        • Approved marketing material
        • Billing and reconciliation
        • Anyone can join
        • No health restrictions
        • Instant savings
        • Use as often as you like
        • 30-day money back guarantee


When you work with AmeriCard Savings you are partnering with a rock solid organization. Let’s help the community together!