Can AmeriCard Help?Over 20 million Americans rely on medical savings programs to keep healthcare costs under control. These five AmeriCard customers agreed to share their stories.

(Names and likenesses were changed to protect privacy. Jennifer’s real baby is much cuter.)

Who Uses Americard Frank

Frank H.
Retired Employee

Major Savings on Dental Care

Frank’s past employer dropped their retiree dental and vision program but Frank needed $3,000 worth of dental services he just couldn’t ignore anymore.

With AmeriCard Savings, Frank took advantage of discounts negotiated by Aetna Dental Access® with his long-time family dentist. Just showing his card at the dentist saved him $1,200.

Frank saved 10.3x the cost of his AmeriCard Saver Plan.


Mary M.
Real Estate Broker

Saving on Dental

Mary had a toothache. After visiting her dentist she learned she needed a root canal and a crown. Without dental insurance she was told the cost for both procedures would be $2400.

She went home and began looking at her finances. In sharing her situation with friends at church Mary learned about AmeriCard Savings. She visited the Web site and saw that her dentist was in the network. After registering in an AmeriCard Savings plan her cost for the same procedures, at the same dentist, went down to $1215.

Mary saved $1,185 on one dental issue. Enough to cover the cost of her AmeriCard Advisor Plan for more than 6 & 1/2 years.

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John C.

Saving on Maintenance Medications

When John was prescribed his first maintenance medicine, his high-deductible health insurance plan didn’t cover the costs. A 90-day supply cost him $835.

John consulted AmeriCard and got the same drug at the same pharmacy for just $327 — a savings of more than $2,000 a year.

He saves 11.6x the price of his AmeriCard Saver Plan, every month.

Saved $2k/year
Who Uses Americard Jennifer

Jennifer R.

Convenience and Peace of Mind

Jennifer called AmeriCard’s Teladoc service when her son hurt his hand in a fall. After conducting a series of tests over the phone, the doctor found no indication of a broken bone or ligament damage.

The next day, Teladoc followed up to make sure her son’s hand had improved. Jennifer was spared a co-pay and all the time and hassle of an office visit.

Who Uses Americard Phillips Family

The Phillips Family

Getting Through Insurance Gaps

The Phillips lost their COBRA coverage and enrolled in a high-deductible health insurance plan. Mrs. Phillips’ regular medication used to be covered with a $60 copay, but now it will set them back $310/month.

With AmeriCard, she gets the same drug at the same pharmacy for $123, saving $187 a month.

Every month, their family saves 10.1x the price of their AmeriCard Companion Plan.


The Esperanza’s
Small Business Owners

Physician Consultations 24/7

Because of the rising costs of health insurance, the Esperanza’s have purchased a high-deductible health plan through the state exchange. It is a standard plan insured by a well-known national insurance company.  With their high deductible plan the network doctor visits cost is $125 for each visit – which is applied to their large deductible with no insurance payment.

Their AmeriCard Advisor Plan provides unlimited consultations with physicians, any time of the day, any day of the year. Averaging three doctor visits per family member during the year will save them 8.5x the annual cost of the AmeriCard program. An average savings of more than $1,300 per year.


Saved $1,300/year
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Mr. Jones

Save on Dental Care Already in Progress

Mr. Jones contacted AmeriCard Savings in the middle of significant ongoing dental work. His dental implant had already cost him more than $2,000 and the work was only half completed.

Because AmeriCard is not insurance, Mr. Jones was able to use the plan immediately upon joining even though the work had already begun!  He saved more than $850 on the remaining work. The savings on just one tooth is enough to fund the AmeriCard Saver Plan for Mr. Jones and his wife for more than seven years. For the next seven years every time they use the plan it is a direct savings for their household budget.

Saved $850 immediately